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Welcome to the Cyber-Soup Shack, home to my personal writings, as well as a plethora of other pages for you to explore, sharing with you what life is like for me as a disabled mother & hopefully encourage you. I make no bones about my disability as it is not something you can change. What I've done is to focus on things I could change like my attitude. THAT is how I got out of the hospitalís ICU in a mere six days as badly injured as I had been, I was still released in two months and a day. Having the support of your friends and family is so very important for anyone with a disability. My pull down menu bar can take you anywhere on the site here.

If you are a parent with a child who isnít talking at three years old or who was overweight (Jackie, my 4 year old Autistic son, at his heaviest was 55 pounds at 17 months old! Now is a buff 50 pounds) early on in toddler-hood, I've made Jackieís page for you to share my personal parenting experiences with my son. It is recently updated and the Photo Gallery has a new set of pictures added. Hope you enjoy your Cyber-Soup! And if you havenít already, Please take the time to sign my NEW Bravenet Guestbook & thanks for coming to The Cyber-Soup Shack! Hope to see you on the Forums!

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